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BRUSSELS HYDROPOWER DAY 2024 - The important role of hydropower as a catalyst in the clean and safe energy transition under uncertainties


We are pleased to announce the second annual Brussels Hydropower Day.

Note the 16th April 2024 in your calendar and join us for this hybrid conference which will be held in Brussels at the Bluepoint Brussels and also streamed online.

The BRUSSELS HYDROPOWER DAY 2024 aims to provide a platform for stakeholder groups in the hydropower sector and decision makers in the European Commission and Parliament, who are working on relevant policy issues concerning hydropower. The purpose is to discuss opportunities and barriers affecting hydropower deployment in the framework of the energy transition, considering uncertainties regarding the energy crisis, climate change and the market as well as regulation conditions.

Why attend:

  • Find out more about the added value of hydropower and energy storage in the energy transition under uncertainties (such as economy, market and climate). 
  • Learn about best practice in hydropower deployment with reference to electricity market design, flexibility, social and environmental requirements.
  • Join the discussion about cooperation with other ETIPs/sectors within the SET Plan on approaches to ensure energy system integration and a flexible safe energy supply.
  • Get informed about the next steps of ETIP HYDROPOWER towards "Unifying the voices of hydropower in Europe".   



When: 16 April 2023, 9:00 – 17:00

Where: Bluepoint Brussels, and online

REGISTRATION:  https://etip-hydropower.eu/events/hydropower-day-2024/

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