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EU leads in Hydropower R&D, Innovation, and Sustainability

A recent report confirms the European Union's (EU) position in hydropower, emphasizing its prowess in research and development (R&D), scientific research, technological innovation, and sustainable solutions. The EU hosts more than a quarter of the world's pumped-hydropower-storage capacity, solidifying its role in supporting renewable energy integration, energy storage, and grid stability.

Hydropower plays a vital part in addressing climate change and water demand, but it also poses environmental challenges, highlighting its complexity within the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem nexus.

Current EU hydropower trends focus on unlocking hidden potential in existing facilities, enhancing resilience to climate change, and incorporating digital solutions. New reservoirs are designed with versatility in mind to serve multiple purposes.

Key Points from the Report:

  • Pumped-Hydropower Prowess: The EU holds over 25% of global pumped-hydropower-storage capacity, a key player in energy storage.
  • Climate Resilience: Modernizing infrastructure for better climate adaptability is a priority.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Sustainable practices are promoted to minimize environmental impacts.
  • Multi-Use Reservoirs: New reservoirs are designed to offer multiple services.

For the full report, please visit this website.

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