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Global Renewables Alliance Formed and IHA Joins Forces

The world has united under the banner of the Global Renewables Alliance (GRA), a coalition of over 40 nations and influential organizations, to expedite the transition from conventional to renewable energy sources. Leaders and experts have come together, driven by a shared commitment to combat environmental challenges through collaborative action. 

The inaugural GRA summit in Geneva, Switzerland, was a showcase of commitment from member nations. The President of the host country passionately articulated the alliance's potential to guide the world towards a more sustainable future. Renewable energy technologies, encompassing solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass solutions, lie at the heart of the GRA's mission. Member countries have committed to individual and shared goals, including ramping up the proportion of renewables in their energy mix, bolstering investments in clean technology research, and cultivating international partnerships to exchange successful strategies.

The inclusion of the International Hydroelectric Association (IHA) underscores the GRA's reach and impact. As a prominent player in the renewable energy sector, the IHA's involvement adds further impetus to the alliance's goals. This collaboration between governments, industries, and associations reinforces the GRA's comprehensive approach to driving the energy sector's transformation.

More about the Alliance: https://globalrenewablesalliance.org/

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