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World Hydropower Congress 2023: Turning Hydropower Ambition into Action

Only two months for the highly anticipated 2023 World Hydropower Congress, scheduled to take place in Bali from 31 October to 2 November and organised by our partner IHA. With a mission to bridge the gap between climate ambition and actionable solutions, the Congress is expected to bring together more than 1,000 decision makers, innovators, and experts from various sectors including industry, governments, finance, civil society, and academia. This global event promises to deliver not just discussions but tangible outcomes that will shape the future of sustainable hydropower and contribute to the world's clean energy transition.


Key topics at the World Hydropower Congress 2023

The 2023 World Hydropower Congress is not merely a forum for dialogue:  As the premier platform for decision-makers both within and beyond the hydropower industry, this year's Congress is thought to yield a multitude of outcomes that will have far-reaching implications. With a focus on advancing the clean energy transition and aligning strategies to the goals of COP28, the Congress aims to establish consensus on policy and finance recommendations that will pave the way for a more sustainable energy landscape. One of its key objectives is to push forward  the growth of renewable energy, through the use of policy-driven and investment-based solutions. By showcasing how diverse renewable technologies can work in tandem to catalyse the transition away from coal, the Congress intends to amplify the call for greener energy alternatives. Additionally, the event seeks to shed light on the untapped potential of hydropower across regions, particularly in Asia and Africa, emphasizing the role of hydropower in shaping the future energy mix.

The Congress will be a platform, boasting over 200 high-level speakers from government bodies, industries, financial institutions, research organizations, and civil society. These speakers will participate in more than 30 sessions around energy matters. Some specific topics to highlight are clean energy security and flexibility, where discussions will revolve around pumped storage hydropower, innovative practices, and the synergy between various renewable sources. Climate-related themes will dive into mitigation, resilience, and adaptation strategies in the face of changing environmental dynamics. The nexus between water, energy, and food will also be tackled, with an emphasis on the multifaceted nature of hydropower's role in supporting sustainable development. Sustainability discussions will revolve around best practices and tools, with a particular focus on the Hydropower Sustainability Standard. The Congress will further unravel the intricate relationship between policy and finance, delving into hydropower's integration into net-zero strategies, streamlining licensing procedures, fostering green skills and job creation, financial mechanisms such as green bonds, and effective risk management strategies.

In conclusion, the World Hydropower Congress 2023 is expected to be a global speaker in the push for cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. With its emphasis on translating climate ambitions into tangible actions, this event is set to foster international cooperation, innovation, and actionable strategies. As world leaders, experts, and decision-makers convene in Bali, the Congress is anticipated to generate a series of discussions that could lead to policy recommendations, commitments, and groundbreaking insights that will propel the hydropower industry and its renewable counterparts toward a greener, more sustainable future. Stay tuned for updates as this transformative event unfolds at the end of October!


More information and registration: https://www.worldhydropowercongress.org/


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