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XFLEX HYDRO Official Result Launch - The Future of Hydro

Last 31 January 2024 energy leaders convened in Laussane (Switzerland) for the XFLEX HYDRO conference, unveiling groundbreaking technological upgrades to hydropower plants across Europe. The initiative, backed by a 4-year, EUR-18m investment, signifies a significant leap in our understanding of hydropower's potential in supporting the global energy transition and ensuring power grid stability.

The XFLEX HYDRO project showcases the fusion of international expertise, revealing that through advanced software solutions and modest technological enhancements, existing hydropower plants can offer extended flexibility. This marks a departure from traditional hardware-centric approaches, emphasizing digital upgrades to harness new value and deliver crucial grid stability services.

Hydropower, a stalwart in renewable energy for over 150 years, has taken center stage once again as the world accelerates its pursuit of clean energy. The event  in Lausanne proposed various upgrades, such as about hydropower turbine and battery hybrids, variable speed turbines, and optimized operational modes. With 250 participants engaged in discussions, the event served as a melting pot for industry professionals, policymakers, and energy influencers, exploring topics ranging from preparing for the energy transition to maximizing hydropower assets.

Antonella Frigerio, Vice-Chair of the ETIP HYDROPOWER Governing Board, contributed to the panel discussion titled "Going further with hydropower: research and innovation perspectives," alongside Atle Harby and Emanuel Quaranta, both members of the Scientific Advisory Board of ETIP HYDROPOWER. The presence of ETIP HYDROPOWER at the XFLEX HYDRO Official Result Launch underscores the collaborative effort to shape the Future of Hydro. For more details, visit https://www.xflexhydro.com/news 


ETIP HYDROPOWER Representations from left Peter Stettner (Andritz-Hydro), Vice Chair Governing Board; Denis Aelbrecht (EDF-Hydro), Chair Governing Board; Antonella Frigerio (RSE); Anton Schleiss (Secretariat ETIP HYDROPOWER)

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