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FEEDBACK NEEDED: ETIP Hydropower Terms of Reference Survey


The actual energy crisis in Europe reveals the importance of predictable and every time dispatchable hydropower to ensure supply safety and to avoid blackouts in future winters. For the promotion of future deployment of sustainable hydropower in Europe the existing voices have to be unified. ETIP HYDROPOWER is now preparing this process and your opinion on the potential Terms of Reference for the ETIP HYDROPOWER is highly welcome.

The goals of the survey are: 

    • To survey HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum registrants on the format and rules for different bodies that are to govern the ETIP HYDROPOWER
    • To identify which Working Groups might be established
    • To involve the HPE Forum registrants in developing and populating the ETIP HYDROPOWER governance structure

Log into our consultation platform to access the survey: https://hydro-consultation.eu/ETIP-Hydropower-Terms-of-Reference-Survey/ 




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