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ICOLD European Club Establishes "Dam Day - Reservoirs for Europe" celebrations to promote the benefits of dams

In an effort to highlight the vital role of dams and reservoirs in Europe's economic, social, and environmental landscape, the ICOLD European Club has inaugurated the inaugural "Dam Day - Reservoirs for Europe" celebrations. This initiative, supported by members of the ICOLD European National Committee, aims to underscore the myriad benefits of dams and reservoirs while fostering greater public understanding and appreciation.

Scheduled to take place for a period before and after May 29th, designated as the official Dam Day this year's celebrations mark the commencement of an annual tradition. Set to debut on May 29th, 2024, "Dam Day - Reservoirs for Europe" seeks to honor the significant contributions of dams and reservoirs to the sustainable development and prosperity of European nations.

The concept of "Dam Day" was conceived and championed by EurCOLD (European Club of the International Commission on Large Dams – ICOLD), following a proposal by the Italian Committee on Large Dams in June 2023. Its establishment in March 2024 reflects a collective commitment to raising public awareness about the positive impact of dams and reservoirs on social, economic, and environmental fronts.

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